October 8, 2018

Hand Pallet Jack

Hand Pallet Jack

pallet jack, also known as a pallet truck pallet pumppump truckdog, or jigger is a tool used to lift and move pallets. Pallet jacks are the most basic form of a forklift and are intended to move heavy or light pallets within a warehouse.


Whether you are looking for an OEM pallet jack that is built to withstand severe applications or you want to purchase a pallet jack that is low priced, we have the solution for you. Not only do we stock these pallet jacks at most of our locations, we offer parts for most makes of pallet jacks. Call us today for all of your pallet jack needs. Due to the volume of pallet jacks that we sell, we are able to buy in volume and pass the savings onto you. Take advantage of our factory direct relationships.

Types of hand pallet jack

Hand Pallet Jack- LHM230/230Q/300

The Universal Hand Pallet Truck. Ideal for everyday use, with a load capacity of 2.3 tons. For early morning and late-night deliveries.

Hand Pallet Jack- BT LHM 230P

Low lifter requiring minimal starting effort. Designed to increase productivity when handling heavy loads, this hand pallet truck requires up to 67% less force than a standard hand pallet truck to begin moving, whether it is up a slope, getting out of a hole in the ground or if the load is very heavy.

Hand Pallet Jack- LHM200SC

Low lifting hand pallet truck with scale for weighing during load handling. Equipped with a scale to provide high-accuracy weighing during the material handling process, and with a load capacity of 2 tons, this flexible, low lifting hand pallet truck saves time and effort.

Hand Pallet Jack- LHM200ST

Stainless steel or galvanised hand pallet truck for operations in wet and clean environments. Food processing or pharmaceutical industry has very high demand on the hygiene, to meet these we offer the BT Stainless Lifter LHM200ST to prevent corrosion.

Hand Pallet Jack- LHT100

Electric driven low lifting hand pallet truck for effortless pallet handling. This hand pallet truck is designed to work with minimal manual force for increased productivity during horizontal transport and loading operations.

Hand Pallet Jack- HHM100/HHL100

High lifting hand pallet truck for light load handling. Used for moving goods easy with maximum efficiency when loading / unloading as well as horizontal transport operations. The high lifting hand pallet trucks can be elevated to a higher and more ergonomic working height and be used as worktables.


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