December 12, 2018

How you make a pallet jack go up?

It is easy to get confused when learning How you make a pallet jack go up? Pallet jacks are formed to make several transportation jobs easier however, if you’re uncertain how to use this equipment, it can end up making your job far more difficult. There are two different types of pallet jacks namely, manual and electric pallet jacks which are also used in different ways too.

It can be a real struggle trying to work this without a guide, sometimes even when you have one it is hard to understand, and you could end up doing damage to the goods your trying to move or the pallet jack itself. To save you from all the trouble, we’ve put together a guide on how you make a pallet jack go up with ease.

How you make a pallet jack go up (Manual)?

Manual pallet jacks are normally found in warehouses or storage units which need to move large loads. You can spot a manual pallet jack by its long handle and fork like metal base. So, to give you that initial helping hand, here’s how you make a pallet jack go up manually.

  1. Find the release lever on the pallet jack. Which allows the metal base to drop closer to the floor and slot beneath the loads you need to move. The lever is usually located within the pallet jack handle.

Release Lever

  1. After you have lowered the base with the lever, then place the forks beneath the pallet. Pallets are precisely designed to work with Pallet Jacks therefore, you ought to find an ample room beneath the pallet to place the pallet jack forks.


  1. Then pull the handle towards you to lift the pallet from the floor. Once the metal forks are below the pallet, you can pull the Pallet Jack handle towards you to pump the pallet up from the floor. Ensure the handle it pulled crosswise in order to lift the pallets up.

Pallet Truck Handle

  1. Make sure the pallet is off the floor before you attempt to move it. You should then be able to wheel your pallet truck away easily. And that’s how you make the pallet jack go up

How you make a pallet jack go up (Electric)?

Pallet Jacks may look similar however, an Electric pallet jack is used differently to a manual pallet. The electric pallet jack is spotted by the plug it contains in its base. They are slightly more complicated to set up, but they’re also very easy to use once you’re familiarized with. Here’s how you make a pallet jack go up which is electric.

  1. Electric Pallet Jacks operates with electricity and they are charged to a full capacity, so they can work. After charging them satisfactorily, unplug the cable and stow it back inside the pallet jack.

Electric Pallet Jack Plug

  1. Use the controller on the pallet jack’s handle to lower the forks to the floor. There should be up, down, left and right levers on the handle.

Electric Controls

  1. Then steer the electric pallet jack using the controls towards the items you would like to lift.

Electric Pallet Truck

  1. Slide the forks beneath the pallet you would like to lift and lift the pallet up. You can also do this by using the lower and lift functions on the control handle. You should then be able to move your pallet wherever you like using the electric control. That’s how you make a pallet jack go up electrically.

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