October 8, 2018

Pallet Jack

Pallet Jack

pallet Jack is a wheeled trolley designed to lift and transport pallets. The truck’s tapered forks slot underneath the pallet and the pump handle can then be used to raise and lower the load.

Pallet Jacks are commonly seen in warehouses, stockrooms, and other environments where wooden pallets are frequently used. There are many different types of pallet truck available to suit all sorts of different requirements, including:

  • Rough terrain pallet trucks
  • High lift pallet trucks
  • Low profile pallet trucks
  • Mini pallet trucks
  • Extra-long / extra wide pallet trucks
  • Galvanised pallet trucks
  • Pallet trucks with built-in weighing scales
  • Electric / powered pallet trucks

How to Use a Pallet Jack

In order to move a load using a pallet truck, you must first place that load on a pallet and secure it using suitable load restraint products (e.g. lashing straps).

Once your load has been restrained, you can manoeuvre your pallet truck into place, sliding the forks into the gaps provided for this purpose. You can then use the truck’s pump-action handle to raise the pallet up off the ground.

Pallet pump trucks make it easy to move loads around your premises while eliminating many of the risks associated with heavy lifting. Remember, if you need to move pallets across rough terrains, there are special all-terrain pallet trucks available for this purpose. We offer a full pallet truck maintenance and repair service

What is a Pallet Jack Used For?

pallet Jack is the most basic form of forklift available. They are designed to lift and move pallets and palletised loads, making someone’s job a lot easier. Best suited within a warehouse environment, pallet trucks will save you time and effort as they make a task that would take multiple people, a one-man job. This effectively makes everything run a lot smoother!

Pallet Jacks are best used for relatively short distances and each pallet truck will have its own weight capacity. It’s important not to overload this weight capacity as pallet trucks are designed to be controlled smoothly and easily, and this can be affected by excess weight.

What Pallet Jack Should You Get?

Luckily, we supply a range of pallet Jacks so no matter how heavy your pallets are, we should have the perfect product for you.

Some of the pallet Jacks we specialise in:

Mini Pallet Trucks

If you’re looking for a compact pallet truck that is both strong and cost effective, our mini trucks are for you! They have shorter forks which are ideal for smaller loads and pallets.

Wide Pallet Trucks

Some goods will be exceptionally wide, which is exactly why we have a pallet truck that can accommodate this need! A wider pallet truck is just as efficient as the smaller trucks and will make moving wide loads a lot easier.

Electric Pallet Truck

If you have a particularly heavy load to lift and move (up to 1.5 tonne), then an electric/powered pallet truck eliminates almost all of the manual effort that is required for the job! Easier to load and move, electric pallet trucks can be used to make a lifting job a lot quicker.

According to material handling solutions here are the 4 Key Benefits of Using a Pallet Jack

  1. Reduce Injuries

If you are looking at pallet jacks, then it’s probably because you’re moving heavy equipment or products regularly. Moving heavy equipment is definitely not something that should be brushed off, as it can cause serious injury if not done correctly.

If you were to invest in one of these jacks, then you would be taking the weight off of your employees. The jack allows for heavy material to be moved easily.

Since jacks are often electric, with some training, the same weight that is putting your employees at risk for injuries is moved with a touch of a button. The jacks also allow for greater visibility since they are not so bulky. This space lets workers see where they’re going and avoid injury.

  1. Lower Costs

The pallet jack can also contribute to lower costs around your warehouse. Since they are electric, this means that they waste less energy than comparable gasoline-operated equipment. Instead of refilling the jacks, you would just have to recharge them on occasion.

They are able to move large weights of material quickly. This helps not only productivity, but also the timeliness of your projects and operational costs.

  1. Increase Morale

Having a jack in your work space can even increase employee morale. When workers feel like they are being forced to do work that they are physically unable to do, it makes them unhappy at work.

When you have a pallet jack at your warehouse to help employees tackle tasks that are physically challenging, you avoid this dissatisfaction, which can affect productivity. Since employee morale is a significant factor in productivity, happy employees mean more money for your business.

Jacks can also lessen fatigue of employees, as they won’t be taking on the physical toll of moving heavy material. An employee who is tired at work can cause serious accidents and injury to themselves and others.

  1. A Pallet Jack is Versatile

Jacks can come in different lengths and sizes, which means that they are a great fit for many industries. Depending on your needs, you may find that a pallet jack is the best fit for your warehouse or product.

Another great thing about them is that they can move practically anything. Whether it be furniture, or boxes, or a large statue, a jack can often be used to move it with ease.

we have a wide range of pallet trucks to help you manoeuvre heavy duty or light weight pallets. Whether you require an electric high lift pallet truck for a machine workshop, manual or motorised pallet truck, you’ll find the right option for your workplace here. Our 30-day money back guarantee and free returns ensures you’ll get a great deal from Key.

With our user-friendly pallet trucks, you can transport your goods quickly and safely from rack to rack or directly to the required location. Our trucks represent a cost-effective, reliable solution for all applications, especially for short-distance operation.

With our wide range of pallet Jacks, we provide the perfect product for your individual requirements. If you transport large quantities of goods and heavy loads across short distances on a daily basis, you will reap the benefits of using our pallet jacks. Thanks to their high load capacity and outstanding manoeuvrability, these pallet jacks provide invaluable assistance in any warehouse. If your goods are more difficult to lift and transport, you should step up to one of our specialist electric pallet trucks. Alternatively, if your needs involve stacking goods at great heights, our electric stacker trucks are a perfect choice.

We stock pallet jacks at most our location, we offer parts for most makes of pallet jacks. Call us today for all your pallet jack needs. Due to the volume of pallet jacks that we sell, we can buy in volume and pass the savings onto you. Take advantage of our factory direct relationships. Contact us or drop us an email today for your pallet jack needs and we’ll gladly assist you as we are one of the best when it comes to this industry. Our knowledge and expertise are vast when it comes to pallet jacks.







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