November 13, 2018

Pallet Jacks Rentals

Pallet jacks rentals in South Africa

We have the pallet jacks rentals or lift equipment rental you need when you need it. Whether it is a small electric or a large internal combustion pallet jack ( gas, gasoline, diesel) you can count on us.

Our pallet jacks rentals and pallet jack lease terms are based for your convenience. Daily or One Day Hourly, one week or weekly, a month or monthly, a year or long-term rental, we can accommodate your requests. We even have Rent-to-Own jack pallets programs if you think the rental will become permanent, so you can try out the equipment.

We have pallet jacks Operator Supplied Rentals if you are expecting a delivery of Stone, Lumber, or other building products to your business, home, or job site?  We will offload it and get it into your yard or property.

24 Hours Service & Delivery of pallet jacks.  We deliver and pickup when YOU need it.

Combined, our pallet jacks rentals department has years of experience in helping you spec the correct pallet jacks rentals for your needs.

Knowing exactly what you need, how long you will need it and what you will need to be prepared for when renting pallet jacks and lift equipment is key to minimizing your costs.

Then call the pros and we will provide you with professional service to be sure you get the exact rentals you need to fit your application.

The thought of replacing worn or disabled pallet jack equipment can be a big concern for business owners. At Apex Pallet jack Sales we offer daily, weekly and monthly rentals at competitive pricing.  All our pricing is all-inclusive.

Our quality and reputation for reliable pallet jacks make us ideal for short- or long-term Pallet jacks rentals.

All of our pallet jacks rentals come with routine maintenance included with our pallet jacks rental agreements.

Renting a pallet jack is a Tough Decision.

Whether you’re looking to rent a pallet jack for a short-term or long-term time, we have the proper pallet jacks equipment to meet your rental needs. Renting can be a great way to supplement your existing fleet if you’re expecting an increase in business activity or you need a piece of equipment outside of your normal specifications.

Renting a pallet jack? we help with the important decisions like mobile pallet jacks maintenance

  • What type of pallet jack will meet your current needs?
  • The difference between an indoor and outdoor pallet jack.
  • What capacity your pallet jack will need to have.
  • What features your pallet jack will need to have.
  • The maximum height that your pallet jack is going to be.
  • Is buying or leasing your best option

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