October 8, 2018

Pallet Trucks

Pallet Trucks

We are based in Johannesburg, Gauteng and import high-quality pallet trucks and lift tables directly from the manufacturer. We carry enough stock in our 60,000 square feet warehouse to supply the whole of Johannesburg and surrounding areas market, with any kind of hand-operated truck or lift. We also benefit from being centrally located, with easy access to all main motorway and rail networks – making deliveries prompt and efficient.

Since entering the materials handling industry we have earned a reputation for selling high quality products at very competitive prices. We have recently introduced a budget line of pallet trucks, offering even better value for money for those on smaller budgets but still in need of the convenience afforded by the presence of a pallet truck in the warehouse, garage or store room.

Pallet Trucks are one of the most popular forms of materials handling equipment. They offer an excellent lifting solution for both light and heavy loads. Our range will offer a product which will enable you to lift a standard pallet. Our selection of Pallet Trucks ranges from lightweight lifting to heavy duty products lifting up to 5000kg of material. As one of Johannesburg top selling Pallet Truck Suppliers we are always on hand to offer help and advice to ensure you receive the Pallet Trucks that meet your specification. With our Pallet Trucks and Manual Handling Equipment Service our standard delivery guarantees you to receive your pallet trucks within 3 – 4 working days. We offer a 2-year pump guarantee with every Pallet Truck and Hydraulic Stacker we supply. Our manufactured pump units are built to be strong and robust to cope with all sorts of loads. If you do encounter a fault we will arrange collection, repair and re-delivery of your pallet truck within 48 hours. Our entire materials handling equipment range comes with this promise to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the service you receive.

We have a complete line of rugged and high-performing yet lightweight hand pallet trucks, all designed to exceed the demands of the toughest workplace environments.

Recognized for their reliability and durability, our manual pallet trucks are used in busy facilities all over the world. Each compact model offers years of high productivity and a low cost of ownership.

As well as the standard pallet and pump trucks we offer more specialised trucks for different environments and conditions. These include trucks that are galvanised, stainless steel, high lift, higher capacity or lower capacity. We also stock a range of weighing scale pallet trucks.

All of our products are held in stock in our 60,000 square feet warehouse, centrally located in Johannesburg for speedy dispatch.

We update our site frequently with new products and special offers. Our range includes all major specifications of pump truck including hand pallet trucks for smaller loads, weighing scale trucks for precision weights, high lift pallet trucks for working at height, manual stacker trucks and scissor lift tables.

Pallet Truck Customer Service and Aftercare

Our aim is to provide excellent customer service and top-quality pallet trucks at the best possible prices. All trucks are produced under ISO9002 certification and carry the CE, GS & TUV quality ratings and a full guarantee. We also offer a handy maintenance and safety guide which you can download for free from our website to keep your purchases in optimal condition. Get your copy of our pallet truck health check sheet here.

We emphasise that our fork lift trucks are all our own. We do not advertise second hand forklift trucks that we do not have or any other dealers’ stock. We welcome all customers new and old to our showroom where 100s of fork lift trucks can be viewed and are ready ship. Should one of the forklifts be unavailable in the livestock list, please enquire as we may be able to source your exact requirements. We can deliver second hand pallets trucks anywhere in Johannesburg and surrounding areas

Advantages of A Pallet Truck

One of the advantages of using a pallet truck is the maintenance cost is much more cost effective than a forklift. Since there are two types of pallet truck to choose whether manual or electric powered, both will require simple service such as lubricating or changing the battery which is not costly at all

The pallet truck also requires only small space for storage and do not require lots of training to use it. A great idea is the adjustable width pallet jack, as it will save you money and space.

A pallet truck is a device widely used in industrial sector and some supermarket to lift and move packages. The device works by lifting the packages using a hydraulic system installed at the front of the jack to raise your package slightly above the ground to be moved. There are lots of pallet trucks for you to choose, which is made available in the market nowadays depending on the type of package you are handling and their weight.

When moving pallets from one location to the other you need a reliable pallet jack on hand. We supplies both manual and electric pallet jacks that are sturdy and durable.

Pallet Jacks also known as pallet trucks or pump trucks, are used to lift and move pallets. The small front wheels of a pallet truck are mounted inside the end of the forks while the larger back wheels are located immediately under the truck control arm or handle. The forks are maneuverer into slots in the side of the pallet. The pallet is raised slightly off the ground either manually or power transferred by hydraulic jack. It is only lifted a matter of a few inches from the ground for subsequent moving.

Besides manual pallet jacks, we offers several electric rider pallet truck models for various applications. Rider pallet trucks are the product of choice when it comes to low-level order picking, high-speed transporting and dock work.

Why Choose us as Your Pallet Truck Supplier?

All of our pallet trucks are supplied brand new and can be despatched same-day to either your address or your customer’s address. Our ranges include manual stacker trucks, lift tables, weighing scale trucks and fork-truck fork extensions. We also stock moving skates and access platforms.

Our ranges also extend to more specialist models such as traverse trucks, stainless and galvanised pallet trucks, drum loaders and high-lift pallet trucks. We can offer low-profile pallet trucks and extra-long trucks of various capacities. More details can be found by calling our knowledgeable team or by dropping us an email

Real Results

From increasing uptime to reducing maintenance costs, we aim to solve real-world business challenges. Learn how our material handling products and industry expertise provide solutions to a wide range of customers.

Future-Focused Sustainability

Our people, products, processes and facilities all play a part in our continuous commitment to environmentally smart business practices. Our three pillars of focus – social, environmental and economic sustainability – provide the blueprint for success. We call our efforts ecologic.

Credible by Design

Our ability to produce innovative products that set new standards for design excellence has been recognized.

An Industry Leader in Innovation

Customers and industry experts agree, we have a reputation for product design, advanced engineering and technology and commitment to sustainability.

Why Raymond?

For many years, we have built a reputation based on top-notch innovation, quality and service. We do more than design and build the best pallet trucks in the business. We provide end-to-end solutions that bring day-to-day warehouse and distribution operations to a new level of performance. We support customers with a Sales and Service network unmatched in the industry.




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