November 13, 2018

Pallet Jacks in Sandton

Proudly serving Sandton we offer service calls for on-site repairs at your facility. Our trained technicians at Pallet Jacks in Sandton will evaluate the issues and help keep your machines in effective operating condition. For repairs not feasible to complete at your location we are able to transport your equipment to our shop. Pallet Jacks in Sandton offer a planned maintenance inspection program to minimize pallet truck downtime while maximizing productivity for you. Pallet Jacks in Sandton have access to parts from many different vendors to keep the pricing competitive and keep your costs down.

Reliable Solutions That Improve Performance

You can count on Pallet jacks in Sandton to provide the same level of performance whether you rent or purchase. All Pallet Jacks in Sandton Pallet trucks feature heavy-duty designs for demanding applications.

Pallet Jacks in Sandton actively manage the turnover of our equipment rental fleet and monitor each truck’s performance throughout its life cycle. Our rental lift trucks are maintained to the industry’s highest standards and undergo comprehensive pre-rental inspections to ensure consistent performance and reliable operations.

Need help choosing the right size pallet truck? Not a problem, call our trained professionals to discuss your requirements; we will most likely have the perfect solution available in stock for sale immediately and potentially with you next day. If we don’t, we can manufacture one to specification at a reasonable price.

The Pallet Jacks Sandton service:

Pallet Jacks in Sandton is a global pallet jack truck and materials handling equipment operation with a local focus. Over time we have built up a unique understanding of our customers’ needs as well as significant practical skills when it comes to providing localized service.

Working with our dealer network, we supply, manage and maintain client fleets, to deliver highly targeted and cost-effective materials handling solutions that maximize utilization. This means that our customers benefit by keeping their fleet sizes and therefore a number of operators to a minimum without adversely affecting output and simultaneously lowering their total cost of the process.

At pallet jacks in Sandton, we understand that our clients have different requirements when it comes to material handling equipment, therefore we like to work with you to ensure your business output and performance is not hindered by unnecessary downtime.

Pallet Jacks in Sandton is committed to serving you with quality and value. Call us today and see what our commitment to quality all is about!

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