December 12, 2018

What are Power pallet trucks?

The range of low lifting trucks has a truck for every horizontal transportation in any application, also in chilled environments. So, what are Power pallet trucks? Power pallet trucks range from walkie, platform, stand-in to rider-seated and are suited for loading/unloading, in warehouses as well as in shops.

Their design is compact and at the same time fast and powerful, they are also developed to be safe and easy to use. All standard BT power pallet truck models also work effectively in chilled environments.

Power Pallet Trucks

The power pallet trucks are compact yet powerful, effective trucks. Available in different versions from pedestrian to rider-seated, these models can be used for a wide variety of indoor applications such as loading, unloading and horizontal transport.

Compact Power Pallet Trucks

  • Simply in-built
  • Optional in-vehicle charging
  • Up to 1.3 t

A compact truck is a lightweight truck suitable for applications in confined areas such as retail, shops and supermarkets, as well as on-board vehicles. It is in-built and user-friendly with quiet operation and programmable driver parameter. This truck comes with a built-in charger for fast and easy charging and has improved energy efficiency because of the AC motor.

Pedestrian Power Pallet Trucks

  • Easy to use
  • Up to 2,5 t

This truck suits all types of light-duty applications, such as horizontal transport, loading/unloading and order picking. It is easy to use with fingertip controls, and the Click-2-Creep feature for manoeuvring in tight spaces.

Platform Power Pallet Trucks

  • Manoeuvrable
  • Up to 2,5 t

This pallet truck series is perfect for longer distances and more demanding material handling applications. The trucks combines high load capacities with class-leading compactness, optimum stability and increased safety for driver and load.

Stand-in Power Pallet Trucks

  • Multi-directional
  • 180° electronic steering
  • Up to 2 t

Ideal for long-distance operations, the stand-in truck with full protection for the driver, for safe and comfortable handling.

Rider-Seated Power Pallet Trucks

  • High drive speed up to 20 km/h
  • Enhanced driver comfort
  • Up to 3 t

Perfect for handling multiple loads in long-distance warehouses, designed to keep the driver safe. These rider-seated trucks can reach speeds up to 20 km/h for fast and efficient load transportation.

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