December 12, 2018

What is a hand pallet truck?

Have you ever wondered what is a hand pallet truck? Well we have the right answer to your question. A hand pallet truck represents a cost-effective solution for many transport tasks involving short distances.

There are different models and all equipment at a high capacity of up to three loads and easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces make hand pallet trucks the perfect warehouse aid.

If you transport large quantities of goods and heavy loads across short distances daily, you will soon reap the benefits of using a hand pallet truck. Thanks to their high capacity of up to three loads and excellent manoeuvrability in even the tightest of spaces, a hand pallet trucks represent perfect warehouse aids.

The various models can also be used to transport special and display pallets.

A hand pallet truck with class

The AM22 is the classic one of range of hand pallet trucks and the best-selling model in its class. The reasons for this is extremely light and easy to operate. The Teflon bushings and joints ensure quiet operation and a long service life. The enhanced hydraulic system reduces the necessary pumping force. A special lowering valve enables gentle lowering of the load with utmost precision.

The AM30, on the other hand, can easily handle heavy loads thanks to its 3000 kg capacity. As well as being able to handle standard pallets, the AM V05 can be adjusted to transport small special pallets and display pallets. The AM 22 hand pallet truck is also available in low-noise form.

A Hand pallet truck with precision weighing technology

In many cases, goods need to be weighed as well as being transported in warehouses, production and dispatch. For such applications, you can take the scales to the goods thanks to hand stackers with mobile weighing systems.

A Hand Pallet Truck with Exceptional Long-Term Value

A Hand pallet trucks should be durable, not disposable. Serviceability and durability that exceed the toughest application needs.

Designed to Perform

The PTH Series hand pallet truck is designed for smooth and quiet operation and easy handling, so operators experience less fatigue and work more efficiently.

The shape and thickness of the handle along with the design and placement of the control lever minimises operator fatigue and improves productivity. The neutral lever position releases tension on the handle for easier manoeuvring.

The steer and load wheels are engineered with high quality components and bearings to provide a low rolling resistance. The steer wheels rotate through a 200-degree range for easy manoeuvring of the hand pallet truck in tight spaces.

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