December 12, 2018

What is a sack truck used for?

Interested in knowing what is a sack truck used for?

Sack trucks are used frequently within warehouse environments and often become the most important part of moving applications once applied. They allow employees to move several items at once with ease which allows your company to become much more efficient.

By increasing this productivity, the addition of a sack truck can save your business money as well as making heavy lifting moving jobs safer for the individual plus you will never ask yourself the question what is a sack truck used for?

In this article we aim to help you make your handling jobs far easier. To learn more about what is a sack truck used for, keep reading.

What is a Sack Truck?

A sack truck is a piece of equipment that is essential in may moving operations within any warehouse environment. Sack trucks are trolleys with two wheels that enables a person to carry goods that would be difficult or impossible to carry without extra equipment.

How to use a Sack Truck?

Sack trucks are relatively simple to use and do not require formal training to operate.

  • Load up the sack truck by placing the load on top of the toe and ensure the items are stable and do not exceed the weight limit.
  • use the handles to gently pull the top of the sack truck backward and push.

What Sack Truck do you need?

Not all sack trucks are made equal and for the same jobs. All the sack trucks differ to accommodate whatever task you need to complete. Here are some things to consider when choosing a sack truck:

  • Weight capacity
  • Tyre type
  • Handle type
  • Back height
  • Special Features

Understanding what is a sack truck used for? You also need to know what is required from your sack truck, and check if will a standard sack truck be enough? The following are sack trucks:

  • All Sack Trucks
  • Adjustable Sack Trucks
  • Folding Sack Trucks
  • Stair Climbing Sack Trucks
  • Powered Sack Trucks

Addition to what is a sack truck used for?

A sack truck is a useful and efficient way to transport heavy loads, which is why you will find them in most material handling workplaces. A high percentage of workplace injuries are a result of manual handling, so it’s important to use the equipment correctly.

To help avoid workplace injuries, ensure you check the following:

Check before using

  • Do the brakes work?
  • Are the wheels working well?
  • Is any part of the sack truck broken?
  • Are you loading it with the correct weight? Will it go over the weight limit?

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