November 13, 2018

Pallet Jacks Cape Town

jhPallet Jacks Cape Town provides cargo handling solutions and services to ports, terminals, distribution centers, and heavy industry. We are the industry forerunner in terminal automation and energy-efficient container handling, with one in four container moves around the globe being handled by a Pallet Jacks Cape Town solution. Pallet Jacks Cape Town centers the efficiency of your every move through our extensive product portfolio, global service network and solutions for seamless integration of terminal processes.

Pallet Jacks Cape Town Values

We drive innovation. Pallet Jacks Cape Town honors our long heritage of innovation, which makes us a global forerunner and the benchmark for the industry. We continue to drive our industry forward by focusing on our customers’ ultimate business needs: how to move cargo in the most efficient way.

We deliver on our promises.  We are a committed business partner and colleague, who takes responsibility and never walks away.

We do it together. Our customers’ success is our success. Pallet jacks Cape Town believe that the greatest results can be achieved only by being open and working together with our customers, partners and colleagues.

Pallet Jacks Cape Town provides lifetime care. We contribute to our customers’ long-term success for the entire lifetime of our products and solutions. We anticipate our customers’ needs and proactively support their operations whenever and wherever needed

Pallet Jacks Repairs and Maintenance – When a lift truck gets regular everyday use, it is a good idea to have a fully trained and licensed technician look it over on a timed schedule. This, in turn, will help keep you on the right track by notifying you when it is time for maintenance, works with your schedule to reduce downtime and increase your profits in the long run. If you do not have a current servicing plan, then today is the day to begin. Without good practices set in place you will find pallet jacks repairs cost piling up, worker downtime accruing, and profits declining. With good maintenance comes a great pallet jack to meet your material handling needs. Remember good practices start with you!

Whether it’s an oil change or a total rebuild, we are here to meet your every pallet jacks repairs challenge with fast, friendly, and reliable service. Our fleet of fully equipped road service vehicles can handle most of your pallet jack service needs at your location, allowing for shorter downtime and increased productivity. For those jobs requiring more extensive pallet jacks repairs, each of our locations is fully equipped to handle any size of repairs needed. You can rest assure that our pallet jacks repairs service department will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Fully trained and certified service technicians
  • Fully equipped road service vehicles
  • Immediate response to service calls
  • On-site or in-shop service

Why Choose Pallet Jacks Cape Town as Your Pallet Truck Supplier?

All of our pallet trucks are supplied brand new and can be despatched same-day to either your address or your customer’s address. Our ranges include manual stacker trucks, lift tables, weighing scale trucks and fork-truck fork extensions. We also stock moving skates and access platforms.

Our ranges also extend to more specialist models such as traverse trucks, stainless and galvanized pallet trucks, drum loaders and high-lift pallet trucks. We can offer low-profile pallet trucks and extra-long trucks of various capacities.

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