October 11, 2018

Hand Forklift

Hand Forklift


Whether your application is on a loading dock in Concord or a construction site in Johannesburg and surrounding areas, our hand forklift is your material handling solution with more than 70 models, in all shapes and sizes.


When you need the most outstanding service providers in Johannesburg, contact us for bespoke hand forklift services. Our extremely skilled, highly trained, experienced technicians will get you up and running in no time.


Contact us today for your hand forklift and industrial equipment rental needs. Our excellently maintained units are delivered where and when you need them.

serving the hand forklift community for many years and only getting better with age, we offer a bespoke hand forklift service, competitive hand forklift sales and help with all your hand forklift rental needs.

We are your source for everything hand forklift and lift truck related. We are dedicated to providing you with superior service that cannot be matched. We offer a variety of services from hand forklift rental and sales to repairs and more.


To order your equipment or for more information, contact our professionals today.
Hand Forklift Sales

As a hand fork lift company, we are here to help you find the right forklift for your business. Whether you are looking for a traditional lift truck or you need a narrow aisle forklift, our sales specialists work with you to find the right truck for your needs.
No matter your budget, but we’ll always have the right equipment to suit your needs that won’t break your budget. Each one of our forklifts is designed and manufactured with performance and efficiency in mind. Our products and services are therefore unmatched.

Don’t hesitate and come in today to see some of our new hand forklifts or used hand forklifts with new truck warranty.

Forklift Rentals and Leasing

The forklift rentals you need, Now.

If you’re faced with seasonal peaks or varying production schedules, a short-term forklift rental is the simple way to solve your short-term requirement. We have one of the largest hand forklift rental fleets in Johannesburg, with rental forklifts ranging from 3,000lbs. to 33,000lbs. capacity. Greater variety means a better choice for your company and quick delivery when you need it.

Hand Forklift Repairs

We recognize that as a company, providing the best possible lift truck service is the most important “pillar of our success”. But our definition does not stop at quality work and a prompt response; we have to offer added value through programs that assist our customers in every way possible.

Our factory trained service technicians understand that if we don’t provide our customers with excellent service, someone else will try. We consider our service department a sales and service department. Our sales and service team will do everything possible to make sure that our customers are advised of all our products and services, so our customers may take full advantage of our value-added programs.

When you need us we will be there, whether your hand forklift needs a new tire, has a code you need diagnosed or the truck simply won’t start, we guarantee to source the problem and fix it ASAP. From electric walkie pallet trucks to 33,000lb yard trucks of any make or model, our Service Technicians can take care of all your service needs.

Our forklift trucks range in capacities from 2,500 lb up to 35,000 lb – cushion or pneumatic tires, electric, gasoline, liquid propane gas, diesel and narrow aisle products including walkies, reach trucks and order pickers.

Whether your application is on a loading dock in Concord or a construction site in Johannesburg, our forklift trucks are your material handling solution with more than 70 models, in all shapes and sizes.


Efficient, compact indoor load-handlers. Maximum productivity in limited space is what this family of hand forklifts delivers. They’re designed for inside work on smooth, dry surfaces. Our advanced design will keep your operators comfortable, your environment quiet, and your costs low.


Clean, quiet, and functional. Wherever emissions and noise are undesirable, these field-proven forklifts are your best choice. Each of our forklift is designed to deliver more power, more functions, and more durability for your money. Our stand-up end-control trucks increase productivity with big tires, an advanced controller, and a spacious operator’s compartment.


The friendly workhorse. Rugged design takes these hard-working forklifts virtually anywhere. Our features low-vibration design for increased operator comfort hour after hour. Add productivity to every work day.


Manoeuvrable and productive. We make it easy for your operators to manoeuvre all of our electric pallet movers. Ours gives them more control, so they’ll be more productive in high-throughput applications, especially where operators travel long distances.


Versatile, comfortable, and reliable. You can configure our reach trucks 16 different ways. So, you can customize your truck to your specific needs. And, our order pickers have been ergonomically designed, allowing operators to get any job done with minimal effort, so fatigue won’t become a factor before a shift ends.


our pallet trucks come loaded with standard features.

  • 5500 lb. capacity
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Polyurethane with steel hub
  • Inventory for immediate shipment

Options can be added to enhance functionality


We have many years of experience in the sales and rental of all types of forklifts. we specialize in offering used forklifts for sale to all businesses and contractors alike. no matter what business you’re in, you will find the right fork lift for your needs right here at our shop.

Our team is not only knowledgeable but experienced in the operation of each and every hand forklift that we sell. We have hundreds of different types and brands for you to test drive and check out. Each one of our used forklifts goes through a rigorous inspection to make sure that it is mechanically sound, completely functional, and ready to work for you.

We offer quality, new and used hand forklifts in our shop and our reputation is built on our reliability, service, and integrity. We will never just sell you a hand forklift without first making sure it suits your needs. We also take your safety seriously and will never sell a forklift without completely refurbishing it and making sure that it is in the best condition it can be in. That’s why we offer a “new truck warranty” with every used truck we sell!


We’ll help you choose the right model

when it comes to choosing the right-hand forklift, we know how hard it can be to determine which options are the best for your needs. because of this, our team of experts are dedicated and will sit down with you and go over all of the options. we will discuss the ideal features for your operation, what you will primarily be using the lift truck for, and ensure the right decision is made.

We have sold, repaired, serviced, hired and transported all types of forklifts in and around the Johannesburg area for many years. Call us today or drop us an email and our professionals we’ll gladly assist you.


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