November 13, 2018

Pallet Jacks Eastern Cape

Pallet Jack Trucks & Materials Handling Solutions

Pallet Jacks Eastern Cape is one of the leading manufacturers of pallet jack trucks and materials handling equipment. With years of experience in the materials handling industry, we’ve developed a range of robust, efficient and performance enhancing pallet jack trucks and warehouse equipment; ensuring your applications are completed efficiently, safely and smoothly.

No matter your application or your warehousing needs, we’re sure to have a pallet jack truck that meets your requirements. Our range of diesel-powered pallet jack trucks, gas-powered pallet jack trucks and electric powered pallet jack trucks are designed to fulfill a range of requirements; coming in a variety of sizes and with various abilities to suit your needs.

Alongside an extensive range of pallet jack trucks, Pallet jacks Eastern Cape also has an impressive range of other warehouse equipment. We’re proud to manufacture a range of leading pallet trucks, stackers, order pickers, reach trucks and tow trucks which help warehouse operatives complete their applications in a more efficient and safe way.

Pallet Jacks Eastern Cape are supported by a network of dealers. No matter your location, we should have a dealer nearby who will be willing to help with your lift truck and warehouse equipment needs. Find a dealer near you, here.

Seamless service and reliable materials handling equipment from Pallet Jacks Eastern Cape

When it comes to buying material handling equipment and pallet jack trucks, your decision should not only be limited to price and product features. The manufacturer’s capability in terms of providing comprehensive customer service before, during and after sales should also be an integral and equally important part of your purchase decision. Lack of proper attention in this area will frequently result in painful and expensive surprises.

The Pallet Jacks Eastern Cape service:

Pallet Jacks Eastern Cape is a global pallet jack truck and materials handling equipment operation with a local focus. Over time we have built up a unique understanding of our customers’ needs as well as significant practical skills when it comes to providing localized service.

Working with our dealer network, we supply, manage and maintain client fleets, to deliver highly targeted and cost-effective materials handling solutions that maximize utilization. This means that our customers benefit by keeping their fleet sizes and therefore a number of operators to a minimum without adversely affecting output and simultaneously lowering their total cost of the process.

Our dealer network:

We select our Pallet Jacks Eastern Cape dealer service personnel based on their technical expertise and practical experience. Through regular and on-going training programmes, our highly qualified salesmen are trained to offer you the best advice on material handling equipment to match your requirements, whilst our technical training allows for fast, accurate maintenance and servicing of your pallet jack trucks & other equipment with the absolute minimum of downtime.

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