November 13, 2018

Pallet Jacks North West

Pallet Jacks North West Offers Reliable All-Round Package

Benefits of the pallet jacks North west program at a glance:

Approved used pallet jacks are not just an alternative, but rather the first choice for certain companies. Pallet Jacks North West offer relevant benefits depending on the specific requirements for the respective company phase or the composition of the existing fleet. These include:

Pallet Jacks North West Offers Quality:

Careful, standardized refurbishment process for the approved pallet jacks, including parts replacement exclusively with new original spare parts.

The entire product range in ‘Approved Trucks’ quality: from hand pallet trucks to high-performance pallet jacks.


Three standards to suit a broad range of individual customer requirements with regard to cost-effectiveness and operating conditions: PLUS, SUPER, and ULTRA.

Available from a location near you.

Large choice of accessories.

Pallet Jacks North West Service:

  • Various financing and service packages, such as long-term rental with a full-service contract.
  • Quick and comprehensive service directly at the customer’s location.
  • Training opportunities for drivers or pallet jack license test.
  • Test drive possible at any time.


Pallet Jacks North West vision: No accidents in intralogistics

In business life, many activities aim to increase numbers. But to bring certain indicators up, however, the focus must be on pushing others down. At pallet jacks North West, we are convinced that safety is one of the most effective but also the most overlooked factor to positively influence business performance.

That’s why Pallet Jacks North West is pursuing a comprehensive safety philosophy under the motto Vision ZERO. Safety in your world. The aim is to avoid 100% of accidents in internal logistics. To this end, we develop technical innovations for our pallet jack trucks and warehouse equipment, assistance systems, software tools as well as training and consulting services, which we present at the A+A to specialists, safety experts and decision-makers.

Moving heavy loads perfectly

Pallet jack drivers are exposed to high levels of physical strain, particularly when transporting large, bulky goods. These goods restrict the driver’s view, so they need to drive backward. The driver twists their upper body in the direction of travel in order to drive the truck safely. However, this posture damages their spine. It often results in fatigue, pain and lost working days.

Having a clear view and working ergonomically do not have to be mutually exclusive. When using the rotating driver’s workstation for IC- and electric pallet jack trucks from pallet jacks North West or the rotating cabin for heavy pallet jacks, the workstation rotates rather than the driver. This improves the view of the load or the direction of travel and takes the strain off the driver’s musculoskeletal system. Lost working days are reduced, as well as potential errors due to tiredness. For the operator, this ultimately means a greater handling capacity.

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