November 13, 2018

Pallet Jacks Free State

Comprehensive Reconditioning with A Seal of Quality

At Pallet Jacks Free State, used equipment is refurbished on the basis of a standardized process. Specially trained pallet jack Free State technicians diligently work through the refurbishment process in specialized regional reconditioning centers or at selected local Pallet Jacks Free State service locations. If a part needs to be replaced, the technician only ever installs durable Pallet Jacks Free State original spare parts. Only once a pallet jack has successfully passed through the entire process does it receive the ‘Approved Truck’ seal of quality. To break it down, the process consists of the following steps:

  1. Transparent truck history:

As a rule, approved used pallet jacks are selected returns from Pallet Jacks Free State’s own short-term and long-term rental fleets, which have been regularly serviced by Pallet Jacks Free State technicians during their previous period of use. This ensures a transparent and seamless service and truck history.

  1. Cleaning:

Every pallet jack undergoes high-pressure cleaning before the inspection in order to remove any remaining dirt as well as oil and grease. The truck is then ready for a detailed inspection.

  1. Inspection:

Experienced technicians scrutinize every component. A comprehensive visual inspection, as well as a measurement and function check, allow them to identify possible weaknesses on the pallet jack or on individual components which will require further inspection.

  1. Engine check and emissions test:

Pallet Jacks Free State uses the latest diagnostics equipment to put the drive unit through its paces. This way, the full engine power, operational reliability and compliance with the applicable emissions standards can be guaranteed, especially for diesel pallet jacks

  1. Battery and charger:

The battery, together with the engine, is the centerpiece of every industrial truck. As a result, the charger and batteries of electric pallet jacks are carefully checked to ensure that they deliver the necessary performance. If this is not the case, the technicians replace the battery cells in full.

  1. Refurbishment and repair:

The technician now consults with the responsible Head of the Used Equipment department to decide whether the equipment in question is suitable for the ‘Approved Trucks’ program. If so, all mechanical and electrical components and all safety parts, in particular, are carefully checked and replaced with Pallet Jacks Free State original spare parts where necessary.

  1. Painting:

A first-class outer appearance is a finishing touch in the refurbishment process, ensuring careful handling by future users. That’s why pallet jacks receive a completely new paint job and new original Pallet Jacks Free State labels where this is required. Minor signs of wear and tear are professionally repaired and re-painted in the original color.

  1. Final inspection:

The last step is a comprehensive final inspection and acceptance. Pallet Jacks Free State provides the signed acceptance certificate and a safety certificate with every industrial truck as verification. Only trucks that have successfully passed through the inspection and refurbishment process receive the ‘Approved by Pallet Jacks Free State’ seal of quality upon completion of the refurbishment. This visibly distinguishes them from used pallet jacks that have not passed through the process.

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