November 13, 2018

Pallet Jacks Randburg


Our aim at pallet jacks Randburg is simple: to offer our customers the best and most comprehensive range of premium material handling products backed by the highest levels of service support within the industry.

Whether you run one truck or one hundred and no matter how simple or complex the application…

Pallet Jacks Randburg can handle it


We tailor our service support to meet each individual customer-specific fleet and usage profile. Pallet Jacks Randburg rapid response support teams and extensive OE parts inventory is delivered onsite by our nationwide, manufacturer-trained technicians who provide seamless support across all product brands.

When responsiveness and uptime really matter

Designed Around You

Carefully specifying products from our comprehensive range to be exactly right for each intended application, allows us to extract maximum productivity and efficiency from each unit in your fleet

Pallet Jacks Randburg then individually structure finance, rental and service agreements to fit your buying preference.

So, if you’re looking for choice, flexibility and value


At Pallet Jacks Randburg, every single one of us believes that it is our job to keep your business moving.

Pallet Jacks Randburg never lose sight of this and with the help of state-of-the-art technology and our ongoing commitment to recruit and train the very best people, we are proud to say that whatever you need and whenever you need it

Our hand pallet trucks at Pallet Jacks Randburg represent a cost-effective solution for many transport tasks involving short distances. Pallet Jacks Randburg has the right model for all requirements. Their high capacity of up to three tons and easy maneuverability in tight spaces make hand pallet trucks the perfect warehouse aid.

If you transport large quantities of goods and heavy loads across short distances daily, you will soon reap the benefits of using our manual hand pallet trucks. Thanks to their high capacity of up to three tons and excellent maneuverability in even the tightest of spaces, hand pallet trucks represent ideal warehouse aids. Chrome-plated axles and sliding bushings on the wheels and joints ensure smooth and effortless pulling and pushing with minimal noise.

The various models are not only suitable for standard pallets but can also be used to transport special and display pallets. This is ensured by adjustable forks (ranging from 140 to 585 millimeters) and selectable fork lengths (ranging up to 2400 millimeters).


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