October 8, 2018

Used Pallet Truck

Used Pallet Truck

We have the latest stock of reconditioned and used pallet trucks, ideal for those organisations who want the benefit of a pump truck on a second-hand budget.

There are many different reasons why a business might be looking to purchase a reconditioned or used pallet truck. Economic conditions have hit an all-time low, and budget restrictions might force them into searching for more cost-effective manual handling solutions. A business which is just starting out might not have the start-up funds to budget for a whole fleet of new trucks and would prefer used pallet truck. Companies in some stage of transition might only require their trucks for a limited amount of time, and therefore would be wasting money by splashing out on brand new ones. There might even be a call to test-run an extra batch of pallet trucks to see how useful they would be without laying out huge sums. Whatever the reason might be for purchasing a second-hand pallet truck, there are many advantages to consider

Benefits of used pallet trucks

Used pallet trucks can prove to be a good investment for your business. One of the most exciting benefits of used pallet trucks and stackers is that those are small and tiny in size as compared to old fashioned machines.

The small sized machines are especially designed with a purpose to make it more convenient and easier to use in lesser space with equal efficiency. The turning radiuses of these machines are also smartly designed so that these machines can be easily turned in less space as well.

Used pallet trucks have the advantage of assisting a human operator, making it less strenuous to move materials from one place to the other. The simple addition of a used pallet truck can cut out the threat of the back problems often associated with the repeated lifting of heavy loads.

Our range of used pallet trucks for sale have been specifically designed for the most demanding of warehouse applications and are comfortable to use by the operator. For mid to high level racking, we sell pedestrian stackers. These are sturdy trucks which are extremely durable.

Used pallet trucks are excellent in small and restricted spaces where manoeuvrability is tight. These can be manually operated or driven, depending on the type required and the distance needing to be covered.

Our second-hand pallet trucks are all quality checked and thoroughly inspected. This ensures that they each meet our exacting standards. These forklifts aid productivity and speed within a working environment.

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