December 12, 2018

What is a walkie rider?

What is a walkie rider? There are different types of rider trucks, Wikipedia argues a walkie rider is a term given to a Motorized Pallet Truck with a platform for the operator to ride on, walk-behind or alongside. This pallet jack is versatile enough to do it all while standing or riding up to high throughput and the most demanding applications. From dock work and horizontal transport to low-level order picking, this heavy-duty electric pallet truck delivers energy efficiency, less downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Types of Walkie Rider Trucks:

6210 Walkie Rider Truck

This Pallet features an adjustable base leg design that makes it a smart, economical solution for moving multiple pallet sizes. It enables operators to manoeuvre multiple-sized pallets quickly and easily in tight quarters. The 6210 truck allows you to better utilize your vertical storage, off-load pallets from the end or sides of trailers and navigate in tight spaces with smooth, precise control ideal for retail store and light-duty manufacturing.

Walkie Rider: Counterbalanced Stacker

The Walkie Counterbalanced pallet stackers provide multipurpose, effective and reliable pallet stacking capabilities. Walkie counterbalanced trucks are ideal for working in trailers, boxcars or with racks. Heavy-duty construction and on-board diagnostics make the counterbalanced walkie easy to maintain and economical to own.

Walkie Rider: RSS 30 Reach Stacker

With the RRS walkie reach pallet stacker, do the job in less time for less money. This highly manoeuvrable pallet stacker is the perfect vehicle for retail storage areas, weight restricted elevators and floors, and other specialized operations. Trust the versatile RRS walkie reach to accomplish all your staging and dock to stock needs.

Walkie Rider: RSS 22/30/40 Straddle Stacker

With the Raymond RSS 22/30/40 walkie straddle stacker trucks, you save valuable cycle time with drive-in-access to pallets and easy-to-operate controls. A load-sensing rotation bar suspension provides easier steering, and modular components and strong construction to ensure your walkie pallet stacker will stand up to years of use.

Walkie Pallet Lift Truck

These trucks are more cost-effective alternative to the Rider Pallet. Walkie’s work best where heavy loads must be transported for short distances. The benefits of this pallet truck is the cost, small size and the lower speed decreases the chances for severe accidents.

Rider Pallet Lift Truck

Rider Pallet Trucks are ideal for frequent movement over larger distances. These trucks are much faster than the Walkie Pallet and have only a few controls that make it easy to learn to operate.

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