October 8, 2018

Electronic Forklift

Electronic Forklift

Electronic forklifts are one of the most popular choices of trucks to buy. This is mainly due to the versatility of the machines as well as their low noise output. Electronic forklifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. When maintaining your used electric forklift, battery care is of the upmost of importance. This is the main reason all our electronic forklift trucks come with 12-month onsite battery warranty, offering you complete peace of mind. All our electronic forklifts for sale or hire come with a fully tested battery charger with all models which can be either single or three phases to suit your electrical supply. We have many electronic used electric forklifts in stock at any one time, including both three wheel and four-wheel machines.

Battery electric forklifts are the most environmentally friendly. They are fume free in operation, giving off no harmful emissions. They are also quiet in use, and due to the weight and concentrated mass of the battery, they are generally more manoeuvrable than engine powered equivalents, due to the battery weight acting as an effective counterbalance, enabling the truck to be more compact in size. The cost of recharging the battery overnight on low rate tariff is considerably less than replacing gas bottles or filling a tank with diesel fuel.

Electronic forklift trucks are generally easier to drive than engine powered machines, because they only have an accelerator and a brake pedal unless they are drastically powered. There is no clutch pedal or inching pedal, and the operator does not have to “rev” the engine for fast lift or hill starting. The maintenance and servicing costs of an Electronic forklift is considerably less than engine powered alternatives.

we can provide you with a variety of high-quality electric forklift trucks as well as providing electric forklift hire. We have a range of electric forklifts for sale from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Toyota, Linde, Hyster, and Caterpillar.

We have a diverse range of electronic forklift trucks for hire or purchase here at our SA Branch. If you would like to know more about our vehicles, information about our company or to make an order, telephone our sales team or drop us an email.

Electronic forklifts in our range

Electric forklift trucks are the green environmental option for materials handling. They are ideally suited to an indoor environment. They can be used outdoors for brief spells as long as the conditions are dry.

Electric forklifts do not emit any fumes when in use, are almost silent in operation and offer fantastic torque similar to diesel trucks.

Electric forklifts are generally easier and smoother to drive when compared to the gas and diesel variants as there is no clutch or engine revving involved.

Using electronic forklifts

There are a few drawbacks of using electronic forklifts, for example they cannot be used while the batteries are being charged, limited run times between charging and long charge times.

The electric forklifts have a higher initial purchase cost compared to the diesel and gas ones due to the batteries and the chargers but can pay back in running cost as they are the cheapest to run and generally cheaper to maintain with less moving parts.

Charging must however be carried out in a well ventilated as the batteries emit gasses whilst charging.

Benefits of electric forklift trucks:

  1. Cheapest forklift to run

Electric forklifts are the most cost-efficient forklift

  1. Cheaper to maintain

Electric forklifts are cheaper to maintain than their diesel counterparts

  1. Powerful

Electric forklifts are powerful machines

We have sold, repaired, serviced, hired and transported all types of forklift trucks in and around the Johannesburg area for many years.

Electronic Forklift Sales

As one of the leading independent forklifts hire companies in Johannesburg, we offer a full range of services to suit all your forklift truck requirements. We provide top quality new and refurbished Diesel, Gas, and Electric forklift trucks for sale. You can view our stock and get in touch with us by PC, mobile and tablet.


We have our own experienced Service and Repair engineers that are always on the road covering Johannesburg and surrounding areas.


We also supply forklifts for hire on either a short-term basis or a long-term contract. All of our forklift hire trucks will be serviced yearly and will be covered with the thorough examinations and maintenance.

Years of Experience

We have sold, repaired, serviced, hired and transported all types of forklift trucks in and around the Johannesburg area for many years

Competitive Prices

We are not tied to any dealerships meaning we offer the correct equipment to suit all your premises requirements at competitive prices.

3-Month Warranty

All our trucks here at Forklifts Ltd come with a 3-month warranty, are fully inspected and certified


We are one of the few companies that own our own specialist HGV for forklift transportation, we can move your truck around at short notice.

Onsite Training

We supply forklift operator truck training, either on site at your premises or at our workshop in Watford.

Dedicated Support

We have experienced engineers at our workshop and out on the road, keeping your forklift truck in tip top condition.
Short Term Hire

Next Day Delivery

Next day delivery, directly from your local short-term rental site, means that if you have an urgent order, critical deadline or one of your older trucks unexpectedly breaks down, you can quickly strengthen your fleet and fill the gap within 24 hours.

Regional Short-Term Hire Depots

We have the equipment at regional centres around Johannesburg and surrounding areas to make sure we can get your machinery to you exactly when you need it. We can service, adapt and deliver a wide variety of material handling, aerial access, groundworks and telehandlers anywhere in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.


And remember, when you hire your equipment from us you have the ability to extend or end your hire period without worrying about penalty fees.

Our Short-Term Rental team can also offer arrangements up to 12 months, giving you more competitive rates and a reassurance of fixed costs.

Your short-term hire contact can offer you detailed advice about the right equipment for your task, making sure you get to work as soon as possible.

Short Term Hire Benefits

The benefits of choosing us for your hiring needs are that you’re getting reliable equipment that has been fully safety checked and inspected. All our lifting equipment is certified, and you can be sure that you’re keeping downtime to a minimum with the best machinery of its kind.

Hiring your equipment also allows you to spread your budget and release capital for other parts of your business.

Whether loading or unloading a trailer or moving loads around a warehouse our range of electronic forklifts are designed to make the operator’s job as easy and comfortable as possible to ensure that the warehouse is as productive as possible. Contact us or drop us an email today for electronic forklifts needs and we’ll gladly assist you as we are one of the best when it comes to this industry. Our knowledge and expertise are vast when it comes to electronic forklifts.


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